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What was it?

Well this is what I saw on the side of I-81 in NY (which I have reported over and over in hope others who saw it will report about it) .Others can decide what it was. it was a dead animal lying on its side with legs facing the traffic(spine way from traffic)-it was reddish/orangish had a very round cat -like face -heavy so it must have had either very thick fur or just heavy looking features with dark markings in places I can not recall but giving the overall impression of a raccoon like appearance (due to coloring but not similar in shape as it had no snout and no chin--it had a big round heavy appearance but with sweet features) a very long tail that cleared the hind legs (which may have been folded or contracted in a jump like stance) and curved (semi-circle) towards the head but stopping mid torso-allowing gravel to be visible between the tail and legs). The tail was thick and was a not at all tapered. I do not know if it had any dark coloring at the end because I did not know to look for that-and would have encoded it as simply dirty if it were dark-- and it was about 4 times the length of a house cat but height unclear because legs may have been bent. Lean not heavy-short thick fur.
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