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I believe the last cougar in NY was killed in southern Hamilton County. Were the last cougars driven out of the Mohawk Valley? A cougars range is such that one born in the Mohawk Valley would certainly have the Southern ADK's as a territory.

Audubon said the Eastern Cougar lived south of the 45th parallel which just include the ADK's however the temperature, geology, flora, fauna (moose, lynx etc.) are of 100 - 300 miles north.

Does anyone have any historical evidence of cougars in the Northern Adirondacks? I have found none.

Most of the historical evidence I have seen of the last cougars shot in the east did not come from remote northern forests which I found rather odd considering any species that was near extinction would more apt to make its last stand in remote areas.

The last cougar shot in Vermont was not from the North East Kingdom home to most of Vermonts moose but was shot in Southern Vermont. The last cougar shot in Minnesota was not in the wild north part of the state, last refuge of wolves in the lower 48 but rather south of the Twin Cities near Rochester. In Ontario the last was shot only 50 miles north of Toronto.

I know a man who speaks Anishnabek Algonquin of Eastern Ontario and he said his language has no word for cougar. I don't think the Abenaki do either. The tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy who occupied the valleys and Southern Tier all have a word for cougar.
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