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Originally Posted by Gman View Post
I don't see the issue of how many people live in the Black Hills vs the ADK's but rather how many live and what is beyond those areas. You cannot compare the western Dakota's, Wyoming and Montana to New York State.
The Paha Sapa (Black hills) are not in the Western Dakota's or Montana. They are located in Western SOUTH DAKOTA an western Wyoming.

And my "comparison" is the ratio of humans to Cougars. IF (and that is what we are discussing here) there were Cougars in the Adirondacks the density of the humans to cats would in all probability (unless there was a real horny breeding population of cougars) would be much less then in the Black Hills. So my argument is that since there are very few incidents between humans and cougars in the Black Hills there would be even less of a chance here.

As far as the habitat, the Adirondacks and the Catskills are both good habitat for the cats. Also with ample natural prey there is less liklihood of a cat attacking a human.
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