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Originally Posted by Pumpkin QAAD View Post
They'd probably kill a lot of coyotes (would that offset deer consumption by coy). Im not opposed to trying to bring them back but realize this it is inevitable that a human will get killed. I'm ok with that but many people are not. When making the decision to create a population of 100 or 1000 cougars you must be 100% ok with that. Some of you will be but it will give a lot of powder to the anti argument.

My next question is what type of deer would the cougar eat. My own opinion is that coyote eat the weak and the young (that may also be slow or weak) and that isn't necesserily bad for the population but would cougar take whatever it wants instead of sort of this weeding out type of predation that a non-apex predator that is filling that role typically does.

I would worry more about the effects on grouse than deer.
When is the last time anyone heard of a human killed by a cougar/Puma/Mountain lion/catamount?

And how many humans have been attacked in the last 111 years?

The Black Hills of South Dakota has a very high Cougar to human ration and there are hardly ever any "incidents"
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