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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Of course it's hard to know what we see from a moving car. But I saw a similar cat a couple years ago in the same area at night (crossing the Northway between 29 and 30). Due to a unrelated traffic situation, I was only going about 30 and I got a very good look at the cat in the headlights.

I think there is one that lives in that area. It's irrelevant whether it's an escaped pet, or it wandered in from somewhere else, or whatever - it's there.

If it is an escaped pet, that's sad. These kinds of animals should not be kept as pets, as the recent Ohio tragedy underscores.
This is why I love this forum. Thanks for sharing.

I tried to rationalize it as a pet dog, or a coyote, but after getting a nice long glance (thanks to the cat moving at a casual pace across the road) it had to be a large cat.
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