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The stretch of trail north of Moose Pond to the junction with the Cold River Horse trail (just east of the Moose Pond Stream lean-tos) hasn't gotten much maintenance in recent years. There's a couple of stretches where the old trail is pretty much gone- where there's just about zero sign of any tread whatsoever. There also is some blowdown but this aspect at least isn't too bad. This is a long, lonely, and remote route that gets extremely little use.

FWIW, someone from the DEC did go through and put up a few new trail markers along this trail a couple of seasons ago- but they are few and far between. They did also put up wooden arrow signs at two of the more confusing junctions where the old logging road branches. But I'd still go with the expectation that this will be a navigational challenge. Carry a topo map and compass and be prepared to put them to use.

The Moose Pond Stream lean-tos are still standing and are in good shape. The trail from there over to Shattuck Clearing is also in pretty good shape.

There's also two nice designated tent sites on the south shore of Moose Pond, at the end of the spur trail that leads down to the pond. One is right on the shore, the other is set back from the pond at the edge of the obvious clearing where the spur trail terminates.

Edit: Moose Pond. Not Mouse Pond. Stupid autocorrect.

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