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Moose Pond (Newcomb) trail up to Moose Pond Stream Lean-To's

Had a trip fall through last minute and was looking to get a nice sub2500' elevation hike in the woods. My map (NatGeo) shows a trail heading from camp santanoni up to moose pond, continuing along to Shattucks Clearing. My plan was to make it to the Moose Pond Stream Lean-To's on day 1, and then hike out along the NPT down to Long Lake on day 2. Haven't been able to find any information really about the MPS Lean-to's or the section of trail between them and Moose Pond. I was wondering if anyone had any info for me before i head out tomorrow. I know that is is part of the old horse path and can be a bit overgrown at times so not too concerned there. Just more-so the fact that some semblance of a trail exists for me to follow and that the Lean-tos are still standing (i can always continue extra to CR 3&4 if not, but would prefer the MPS lean-to as it splits my days up better)

As always, appreciate the help!
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