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Hi, my name's Pat and I wanted to say hello to all you fine folks at ADKForum. I am enjoying the wide variety of posts -- as well as the wide variety of opinions expressed here. A little about myself: I'm Upstate NY born-and-bred, and basically spent my summers growing up on a small lake in the Southern Adirondacks. The US Army has sent me all over the world, but very shortly I'll retire from military service after some 26 years in uniform. My outdoors interests include X-C skiing, hiking, hunting, backpacking and the occasional canoe paddle. I have about 26 high peaks under my belt. I think the ADK Forum will give me plenty of neat ideas to try (or not to try!) as I move into a more relaxed way of life.
"I donít like being outdoors, Smithers. For one thing, thereís too many fat children." -- C. Montgomery Burns
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