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Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
I started hiking, camping, backpacking with the scouts at a young age. My wonderful girlfriend introduced me to the high peaks the summer of 2009. This forum turned me on to the other wilderness areas outside of the high peaks--specifically the West Canada Lakes area.

I hiked the NTP last summer. I also am a casual fisherman. Mostly pond fishing within the blue line, cape cod, and a healthy amount of ice fishing in the Albany area. I also started hunting for white tail last year around the Albany area and Mohawk NY.

I bag a peak now and again. Planning on completing the 46 at some point, but I am in no rush to finish. I have been reading about map and compass skills, and after a long break from orienteering I hope to get off the trail next summer and start to bushwhack.

I enjoy being in the woods for the solitude, and like many members here I want to get away from the crowds, hence spend less time on the trails/peak-bagging, and more time walking through the woods anywhere I want.
Hey buck who do you hunt with in mohawk?
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