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Returning to hiking after an injury

I have not been able to hike for quite some time now. Back in July 2014 I torn a tendon in my right foot, had surgury in September to fix it. I'm now finally at the point where I can do easy hikes. Ie: not looking for peaks, just some good exploring. I'm heading out towards the Adirondacks this evening. I'll arrive tonight coming from southern New Jersey usually takes about 5 1/2 hours to reach the Pharaoh Lake region. Bc of weather reports for this weekend, I'm think between PLWA and LGWF. The weather reports are not as severe as other areas of the park. And as I said this is my first hike( well first hike in the mountain) since the injury. I'm thinking 3-4 miles a day for a small loop. I'll have two days of hiking and one overnight. Any suggestions in these area would be appreciated.
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