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Thanks again for all the beta, that's enough to base a few trips off of!

Dix is definitely in the mix. Coming in from Elk Lake is feasible, but if the weather turns or it turns or the trail is too hard and I don't hit the summit it'd be a bit of a bust. The reason I was looking at Round Pond is that it looks like a gorgeous place to camp, and Noonmark or Round are easy targets if the going is tough or the weather hit or miss. With Dix I have to summit on Saturday. With the lesser peaks I can hit them Fri, Sat, or Sun.

One of the reasons I love winter camping is the lack of people. As much as I get why people are pushing the more popular High Peaks, I'd be bummed to be in a crowd.

I get the impression that a lot of people here are on summit missions - getting their winter 46 or what have you. I'm really just trying to spend some time in gorgeous frozen solitude and catch some nice views if possible.

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I'm fairly certain that this herd path- and the one further downstream on the Boquet that sticks entirely to the South Fork- weren't constructed for hiking originally but were rather built by the DEC to facilitate fish stocking in the upper reaches of both forks of the Boquet. This would explain the South Fork herd path- a well established and seemingly even somewhat officially maintained trail that ends abruptly in the middle of nowhere (at a shockingly-large and well-used designated tent site, no less, given the remoteness of the terminus of this path).
I had the same thought! I hiked in and camped at that spot about 6 or 7 years ago. Then bushwhacked up to Elizabethtown, Spotted, and on to Grace. It was a nice trail but the terminus was sort of confusing. I didn't realize it was for stocking, but thought there had to be some sort of logistical purpose. We had just come from 5 days on Lows Lake and we picked up a pizza in Saranac Lake. It was cold by the time we got to camp but we stuck the slices on sticks and heated them up marshmallow style. Since we'd been eating camp food for 5 days, it was of course delicious. But definitely one of the weirder meals I've eaten at a campsite.
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