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The sites on the way to Grace are very nice and open. I recall the furthest one in as right on the trail and near a pretty waterfall and pool that is likely open water for pumping. I'd say that route with Grace and option for Carson/S Dix would fit the bill and not be as remote as Santas
I was thinking of taking that way in as well, but figured there was no chance it'd be broken or that I'd run into anyone else, except on the summits. I hadn't read any trip reports of people going this way - everyone seemed to be coming from Elk Lake or Ausable, with a few more from Round Pond. Seemed a bit too remote for my first solo winter trip in the Dacks.

I bushwhacked from the end of the South Boquet Fork Trail to Grace and the rest of the Dix peaks years ago, and loved how remote it felt. But maybe was more based on how rough the bushwhack was more than anything else, lol.
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