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Re: the 25 lb. pack. I had assumed the OP was referring to a full day-pack, but a re-reading seems a bit ambiguous. I still think a 25 lb. pack, if he's breaking trail is too heavy up Panther Brook or the Express but I know it's very personal regarding what one chooses to carry. (the Express entails considerably more steep vertical gain than Panther Brook to Times Square. However, there is an elly drop between TS and Santa summit)

I have done multiple-night trips in summer with an 18 lb. pack including food and water. Of course in summer it's easy to "do without" but if 25 lbs is his base-weight then perhaps 10 or so lbs. of insulation will be sufficient.

Re: views. The view from the opening about 100 feet shy of Santa is stunning.
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