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I admittedly didn't watch the entire video but I did scan through it and I see that there is a mention of the reintroduction efforts at Debar Mountain.

The old Debar Game Area, where the elk reintroduction efforts at the location were based, is kind of a neat spot and is worth checking out for an hour or two. It's mostly reforested now and there's no buildings left standing, but you can tell that it was once quite a complex. The fences for some of the old pens where the elk were kept in preparation for release are still standing. The area has a pretty cool- if also a bit creepy- vibe. There's also a nice designated tent site there, in a stand of Norway spruce, not far from where you can park. It's also a good spot for blueberry picking come late July/early August.

Further south, there's a designated tent site on Skiff Pond, that is about a mile and a half's hike from the trailhead at the game area. The Skiff Pond tent site used to get a lot of use by the wilderness therapy program that operated in the northern ADKs, but since that program has shut down very few folks use it. Skiff Pond is a nice spot, it looks and feels remote despite being a relatively short and easy walk in, and has tons of solitude.
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