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Originally Posted by TrailBlaser View Post
If the carry is unfamiliar and long, I like to leap frog (split) it. I carry my gear roughly half way, leave it and go back for the canoe. Then I do the same thing to the end of the carry.
If you are solo, there's absolutely zero advantage to this (draw it out, you walk the trail exactly 3X).

There may be some psychological advantage to this though. I know I've been absolutely spent half way on a long carry, and dropped my canoe, and went back for my gear. The walk with no gear allowed me to recharge a bit and cool off. And typically, even a really heavy pack is a lot easier to carry than a light canoe.

I don't know... I usually just do a single carry and keep my weight to a manageable level. For me, it's about 70-80lbs. With a solo canoe and 3 days of gear, not an issue. For a tandem, that requires the other paddler carry a heavy pack as I said above. Even so, I'd much rather do the same weight with the solo because the canoe weighs less and it's less stress on my shoulders and neck. Maybe I'm the only one, but single blading makes my trapezius muscles pretty sore, and it's always adding insult to injury by throwing 40-50lbs right there. But everyone's bodies are different.

As far as pain killers, I don't think Ibuprofen and Aspirin will cut it for the short term pain. I recommend some kind of nerve blocker. Be it mental or chemical.
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