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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
  1. Person A takes the canoe to the mid point of the portage, drops it there, and then returns to the start of the portage. Person A then takes their gear to the end of the portage.
  2. Person B takes their gear to the end of the portage, drops there gear there. Person B then returns to the midpoint of the portage, grabs the canoe, and returns to the end of the portage with the canoe.
I'm glad someone finally got this 6th grade math problem correct.

I've heard people explain this many different ways, and in solo context, but I could never understand how they were gaining anything.

It only works this way.

I'm not sure you gain a lot like this though. I think the best method for a tandem paddlers is the heavy/light gear split:

Paddler A carries the canoe and a "light" pack.

Paddler B carries the "heavy" pack.

The idea here is to distribute the load between each person, and depending on their strength/endurance.

If you get to the point where you have too much to where the "light" load is too heavy, then you resort to the above, or a good old fashioned double carry (sometimes Paddler B can't carry the canoe).
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