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I think if nothing else, with a canoe that heavy, I would anticipate likely doing most of the portages twice- once with the canoe, and once with gear. In practicality, this has the effect of actually making you traverse each portage three times- out, back, out.

If you have a partner, there's a way you can shuttle gear and the canoe separately that only forces each person to do the portage twice (including retracing your steps), and each person only has to do half the portage with the canoe. It works like this:
  1. Person A takes the canoe to the mid point of the portage, drops it there, and then returns to the start of the portage. Person A then takes their gear to the end of the portage.
  2. Person B takes their gear to the end of the portage, drops there gear there. Person B then returns to the midpoint of the portage, grabs the canoe, and returns to the end of the portage with the canoe.
My apologies if you're already familiar with the technique- but I figure it will be new to some reading this thread. Worth also pointing out that this method assumes that each paddler can carry all of their gear in a single trip (not necessarily possible if you've packed the kitchen sink), and it also assumes that each paddler can handle carrying the canoe solo.

For what it's worth considering timing- my overall pace was very much on the leisurely end of the spectrum. Even with an aluminum canoe I don't think it would be hard to make this trip in 8 days. Tupper to Lila I would anticipate taking more time than I spent, but the Oswegatchie especially would go faster if you wanted it to- even with the beaver dams. Since I was bagging lean-tos along the way, a couple of the days I was only on the river for an hour or two before reaching my destination for the night.
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