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Yes, to the pain killers, pill form, I don't drink alcohol enough to bring it with me in the wilds. Two, I would love to do this with another bud, but schedules never seem to meet when I have the time or ambition myself. Three, the cart is strong but not with mt. bike tires. It has never been tested I guess for durability, so, anything could happen. As for pain and boredom, I think it is going to happen regardless. Not so much the boredom, but the pain is inevitable.

All of this being said, yes, I think it's possible for me to complete, but in a much longer time frame, even with a much lighter canoe and a Satellite phone for emergency evac. (lol) I am no fool. I did look over some canoe routes on paper and the offered routes mentioned previously and thought about which one I would do. I just haven't put any solid plans together just yet. Thanks, DSettahr for the considerations.
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