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Yeah, Crane has 10 designated sites. Site #3 is missing from your map- starting with the site at the end of the road (closest to and due east of the outlet) and working clockwise around the lake, they are numbered in order from 1 to 10. Site #3 is on the broad peninsula due north of the western-most of the two "Crane Pond" labels. (If you tilt your head 90 degrees to the right while viewing the map, Crane Pond is shaped like a T-Rex, or Yoshi from the Mario games if you prefer. Site #3 is at the lower abdomen of the T-Rex/Yoshi.)

It's also worth noting that most of the sites on Crane are boat-access only (which it sounds like the OP is aware of). Only sites #1 and #2 have marked trails to them from the "illegal" parking area at the outlet. There is a herd path from site #2 to sites #3 and #4 but it's unmarked.

I know most of the sites (if not all by now) have either an outhouse or a box toilet. It was a bit of a challenge getting them properly installed- volunteers installed the first round of box toilets and they unfortunately did a piss-poor job of it. (Box toilets installed at sites that already had outhouses, box toilets installed in full view of the campsite itself, etc.) An AFR had the unfortunate task of "fixing" the havoc wreaked by the volunteers, including transporting some of the "already put to use" box toilets across the lake by canoe.

(The DEC has been given the feedback that every box toilet kit needs to come with a set of "volunteer-proof" instructions on how to properly assemble and install them, but that suggestion thus far has been ignored, resulting in numerous instances in which the toilets are not properly installed- to the extent that they are not used by the public and surface poo remains problematic at those sites, and/or the life span of the toilet is considerably lessened due to improper assembly.)

Also worth pointing out that there's been an on-going problem with signage for the designated tent sites disappearing at Crane Pond- some folks are jealous about others using their "favorite site" and so they will attempt to make it look like a non-designated site by ripping down the "Camp Here" discs and other signage.

In general, if you're looking for solitude, Crane Pond may not be the best option. It's been known as a "party spot" for years.
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