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Originally Posted by Pauly D. View Post
There's an outhouse near the first site. I've not seen anything at the other sites. Please be aware that there's a flooded area on the road by Alder Pond. Crossing it will be sketchy at best. Check various Crane Pond YouTube videos to determine it's passibility for your situation.

If you want something you can easily drive to check out Thirteenth Lake. There's an outhouse by the parking area and one at the "Elizabeth Point" campsite. Best of luck!

OK, thanks. Yes, 13th is another one on the list. I’m just a little worried we won’t be able to get a site.

And I actually forgot about the crossing into Crane, but I have already look at the videos and decided we’re not going to bother since a couple people will be coming in cars and I don’t want to have to deal with shuttling we’re having them hiking with all of their gear. Thanks for the insights!
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