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More Forest Rangers at Hudson River Special Managment Area

I have been the steward for Hudson River Special Managment Area. There was always two forest rangers assigned here. The place felt safer and less crime. in 2020 NYSDEC went from having two rangers to one ranger. When the ranger is in another area fighting wild fire or looking someone there is nobody filling in for HRSMA. There has been lot of illegal stuff happening here since 2020. During the night around 5:00 and throughout the night people are camping on vegetation on the trails, people throwing garbage.
many local residents who i talk to said they do not feel safe camping there they have run into very rude people.

PBA of NY told me last year there is a vacancy that the state could hire one more ranger for Hudson River Special Management Area.

Please help me reach my goal is getting 100 signatures.
James Sullivan
Volunteer Steward
Hudson River Special Management Area
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