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While not an ardent paddler, I think I can provide some input to a few things.

3- Green Lake, and will it go all the way up to Otter Lake?
The stream between Green and Otter is very rocky and shallow. There's also a small man-made pond (Fish Hatchery Pond?) between the two bodies of water.

4- Frie Flow to Irving Pond and maybe even Bellow's Lake.
Frie Flow has a fairly steep gradient between Canada and Bellows Lakes. Same goes for the stretch between Bellows and Irving. It's very rocky along these stretches, and impassable by boat.

5- In the south there appears to be a small stream that flows south to three small ponds. One of the ponds might be called Mud Lake, not to be confused with the other Mud Lake on the northern side of Canada Lake.
The drainage to Mud and Negro Lakes is a beaver dam choked trickle with a fairly steep gradient once you get passed Canada Lake.
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