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Hmmm, ok, that's good to know. So what you're saying is that Canada Lake might be busier, louder, more populated than I envisioned, yeah? I did choose it for convenience, but also because it looked like there were so many options once I set up camp. But if it's pretty busy, that might be less than ideal. Might be better to go with Good Luck, eh? Where it would be quieter. fewer options, but still enough to fill 3 days.

So if I have this correct, I could park and put in at the kayak access on 10, paddle a very short distance on the Sacandaga and veer off to Good Luck Lake, set up camp and explore the lake. I could head back toward the Sacandaga and go downstream for a while, then return to camp. And on another day I could go back toward the Sacandaga again but go upstream this time and then return. Maybe I could reach Chub, Trout, and/or Brown lakes from the Sacandaga?

Does all that sound correct?

Thanks for the advice. If anyone else has thoughts on Canada Lake, please keep them coming, I might need to weigh my options.
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