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Exped DownMat 9 Deluxe (Deluxe is wider and longer, keeps your shoulders much warmer and your feet off the ground)

Shane- I've used an Exped DownMat 9 Deluxe for five years and wouldn't go without it. Nothing compares. They're difficult to find on sale, but are worth the wait. Never, never use your mouth for inflation, always the inflator sack.

Two other people I've regularly worked and camped with ended up getting the same mat after a bit. One winter weekend where the daytime temp was minus 23* there ended up being a great comparison that night (don't feel sorry for us-it warmed up overnight). Two guys were in the same tent, one with an Exped DownMat 9 DLX, the other with conventional mats. In the morning there was the typical huge body depression in the snow under the conventional mats, but under the Exped there was depression, just flat snow. I get the same result under my mat every time. The mat has great insulating properties and does not let body heat through to melt the snow.

I've been very comfortable in lean-tos, igloos and tents. Igloos being the warmest of the three. It's bulky, but when you use a pulk who cares? I try to bring the Exped on as many trips as possible year round simply because it's so darned comfortable. My skeleton appreciates the comfort more with each birthday. I've also got an Exped 7 Short (found on Steep and Cheap) that is a warm weather alternative. Not quite as comfy after a day's work, but a weight savings. I tend to be a very cold sleeper, so my comfort was worth the price.
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