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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I think there is a little top roping you can do there, just before the slide. Be careful and read the thread - I would never hang out for any period of time right below that slide - high avy danger!

Also, a little ways past Marcy dam, there is a camping area on the left (east) of the trail across from the lean to. If you go straight through to the back of the camping area there are some low cliffs that I think get some ice - it's worth checking out to see if there's anything there, you'll probably have it to yourselves.
Any idea which lean-to passed Marcy Dam? That sounds like something that would be awesome to check out.

And when everyone talks about the Avalanche Slide, are we talking about the south-west side of the pass or the slide on the north end? Heres a map I found, I'm familiar with the pass just not the common names of the different features:

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