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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I know the cliff at Flowed Lands, but I don't think it gets much ice (SE facing).

Unfortunately, lots of ice areas are tough to TR. Pitchoff Right is a "little miracle" in terms of how perfectly it's set up.
Those cliffs were just an example of what an idea location would be, for us. This will be our friends first time in the 'Daks and we want to impress him so someplace open like that with some views of surrounding peaks would be spectacular. I.e Lake Colden, AVY Pass, Flowed Lands, etc.

I'm not opposed to leading a pitch or two to get a top rope set up, either. I have the experience for that, I just want to have someplace with a few solid trees up high so we can set up a top rope for the inexperienced guy.
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