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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
I see this conversation is a year old... But my question is almost the same so I am reviving this. Recent Trip Report from TomCat mentioned wanton attacks by the apex predator of the Northwoods - the field mouse. Pillaging by airborne rodents was also mentioned.
Last year (2020) was a banner year for mice in the Adirondacks. After a relatively quiet year (2019) the mouse population just about exploded everywhere.

I spent one god-awful night in the Island House Lean-to on Long Lake while paddling Long Lake to the Crusher via the Raquette River. They were everywhere; all night long it was like a three-ring circus of no fewer than 10 mice hopping around the lean-to, on me, on my stuff, in my stuff. They found my bear hang and got into that too.

It made me wish that I'd brought a bear canister on that trip. But honestly the mice were so bad that they probably would've been able to get into the bear canister too (as happened a couple of times at Marcy Dam during the 2020 season).
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