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Used to catch pike using Rappala floating plugs on Crooked Creek which is a tributary of St Lawrence many moons ago. But Glenn's idea is a good one with a little variation. Attach a good weight to the bottom of your line. About four feet up tie another line to the original line with a hook at the end of it. Use a bluegill or perch and hook it through the tail. It will swim in a circle around the main line. Since bigger fish eat smaller fish head first a pike will especially be attracted to this rig especially bigger pike. If you catch and release use a cradle if you can. A bite from a pike can do damage to you hand so if you plan on keeping the fish you may want to dispatch it with a club. I used to use part of an oar handle when I planned to eat them but mostly I just let them go. I used a very large net. This was in the St Lawrence at a time when Sturgeon were plentiful. Long ago memories. Good luck.
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