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November paddle trips can be memorable. In the late 80s-early 90s my last canoe trip of the season was on Veterans Day weekend. I would usually paddle the Oswegatchie, but one year I chose Lows instead. I never had a problem with ice, but got snowed on a few times; once fairly heavy on Oswegatchie. The most memorable was the year I went to Lows. I was camped in Grass Pond and on the second night was awoken by the wind and snow. It was one heck of a snowstorm. The lake was so rough I had to paddle and carry through the bays on the north shore to get out. Fortunately back then I had my '88 4Runner, which was the only vehicle in the lot when I reached the lower dam. I had to put it in low 4WD to get out the access road. This year I was planning on resurrecting that tradition, but just found out I have to be in DC that weekend. I guess I will have to wait until next November to tempt fate again!
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