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In an attempt to post w/o stirring up drama, I was climbing last Sunday with the fiancee. We found that microspikes were the most reasonable ans safest foot traction devices for the conditions at the time.

We saw this older guy wearing snowshoes struggling to climb up some steeper rocky parts to the point where it was starting to get dangerous. Meanwhile everyone else in those famous red microspikes kept climbing up through the rocks safely like it was nothing.

I think mandating wearing of them is stupid and dangerous. It doesn't seem like there's issues there though. I've only seen one thread on here where someone got a ticket for not wearing snowshoes even though they had them in their possession and I think he won in court (or it got thrown out).

However I do agree with mandating having them in you possession as you never know when the weather will get wild. And again I still think that's a little broad, but it will save some idiots life some day.
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