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BTW I am not planning on going to Albany and lobbying for a change. I think if a change was seen as necessary it would have been implemented already. I know that seems like a passive stance but I'm more interested in the rest of the Adirondacks where such regulations don't exist than where they do.

Maybe the opposition to the rule in the EHP has caused those who pushed for it to think twice. If it were to be a thing, and something the public could vote on, I would be for it. But I wouldn't push for it.

Interesting that so far the poll is split 50/50 and has wavered there the whole time. I don't really believe these polls too much because the sample is not truly random.

I am however interested in why someone would be opposed to such a rule, other than the fact that they wish to do what they want when they are on a public trail. As for a bushwhack, I don't think it matters, if it bothers you, take another whack.
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