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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
I didn't know that about paddleboards and no swimming reservoirs, but I suppose it makes sense given that people do fall off them and would presumably drown or float around indefinitely in their PFDs if they didn't swim upon falling in. I don't think I've ever been to a place with those rules, but there may be some in the Adirondacks that I don't know about.
Yeah, the rules are primarily about protecting water quality. Like Montcalm says this isn't super common but there's definitely a few reservoirs scattered around the Adirondacks that serve as drinking water supplies for local municipalities. E.g., Gooseneck Pond on the edge of the Pharaoh Wilderness, McKenzie Pond on the edge of the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness, etc.

I know there's a stretch of the Chuck Keiper Trail in PA where no camping is permitted- because on that section of the trail, you're in the watershed that feeds the drinking water reservoir for the local municipality.

So yes... water quality for municipal drinking water sources is something that gets taken pretty seriously. Would you want your drinking water to come from a pond or lake that dirty hippy paddlers had been dipping their feet in?
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