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Thank you all for the insights.

DSettahr, I will indeed carry or wear a PFD depending on conditions. I would think that especially in rough water a PFD would be more important on a paddle board than in a canoe, since it would be easier to fall off and become separated.

Montcalm, I am not able to kneel comfortably on a hard surface at all or on a padded surface for more than a few minutes. When I was a kid I could kneel on the floor for hours, but in my teens I had knee problems, probably from growing too fast, and while the problems went away by themselves they left some limitations behind.

Wldrns, that's good to know. I didn't expect to be able to go as fast as in a canoe, but I figured that for recreational (rather than racing) purposes I could happily either travel 3/4 the distance or take 1-1/3 times the normal required time if I felt better on arrival.
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