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I was amazed when not many years ago the first paddleboarder entered the Adirondack 90 mile canoe race. He was the last to cross the finish line in Saranac Lake with a rousing cheer from the crowd waiting there long after everyine else had finished. Since then several others have been in the race, maybe a couple of them each year.

Much more surprisingly they have been allowed to paddle the Yukon River Races, but only as paired teams traveling together for safety. There is quite an extensive list of required gear that must be carried in all boats in the races, even more with the necessary camping gear during the 1000 mile race. I don't know how they do it. They were allowed in even before the very first C4 canoes were finally allowed to race as I did in 2017. But on the long westward often strong headwind stretches in the Alaska segment on the 1000 mile, the paddleboarders have in some years been windbound and unable to progress for a couple of days at a time as traditional normal canoes and kayaks passed them by.
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