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And finally to wrap up the PG season (I think).

September 6 found Adam Crofoot, Katie Vannicola, and me putting up a long-standing multi-pitch route on Haystacks Shield that Adam had been eye-balling since 2017: Trigger Warning (.10b)

September 12: I took a newbie, Colin Aldrich, back to PG and we put up a 360' multi-pitch on the Agharta Wall. Wrecking my Zen went as and aided route (5.9 A0) and broke through the lower roofs. Crofoot had explored the first moves on this back in 2016. Now someone just has to go free it. Maybe next year.

  1. Haystack (No Man's Land)-Trigger Warning (5.10b+) (w/Adam Crofoot & Katie Vannicola) 2020 Sept. 6.
  2. Marcy (Agharta Wall)-Wrecking My Zen (5.9 A0) (w/Colin Aldrich) 2020 Sept. 12.

Adam on Trigger Warning

Colin on Wrecking My Zen
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