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Yeah, it is tough...

Mine went something like this:

About 4pm at work I feel this sharp pinch in my back. My stomach sinks, I turn pale and hunch over in pain. After the initial blow it feels like a hot sword is being thrust through my abdomen. People instantly notice and I'm dismissed.

I call my wife because I can barely walk, let alone drive. The hospital is only 10-15 min away but it seemed like an eternity. Every turn and bump in the road I'm writhing in pain.

I remember the walk into the hospital because it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm immediately admitted into triage due to my state and my heart rate is around 180 and my blood pressure is extremely high.

First pass of narcotics do nothing except make me vomit a whole meatball sub which I had eaten for lunch. They hadn't given me a pan to vomit in but I found a nearby garbage can and had probably the second worst experience of the day.

After that it was into scanners to verify my symptoms were actually a stone. I'm still in excruciating pain and blacking out for a few minutes here and there, only to come to and be poked and prodded.

Finally the IV of Toradol came, what seemed like years later, and my pain stopped. But it was only temporary. What they had found was that I had a large stone wedged at the exit of my kidney and start of the ureter which had not only caused renal colic but was extremely swollen. No hope of it passing on its own. In to surgery to get a stent.

Then it was a month of debilitating pain, especially when urinating until the swelling went down enough that they could go in and break it up with another surgery.

It was the worst...
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