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Just for info. We parked at Elk Lake and used trails to easily hike to the area directly East of Little Nipple top, 3714', then spent the night in the saddle Between Little N and McDonnel Mountain, 3937. The next day we climbed McDonnel, easy and hiked down and up the ridge to Allen, (very easy), finishing my 46ers and my partner's 1st.
We then went South off the top of Allen, and discovered lots of cliffs. Shifted direction and went West after 1000 feet we circled around to the South, SE, and East. Once we hit the the 3200 foot contour line we just picked a route gently down to the 2600 contour line, stayed on that line to where we crossed Marcy Brook. Finally we went directly East to the trail and back out to Elk Lake. Made it through Marcy Swamp in twilight and hiked out the rest in the dark, easy trail, no steeps.
One advantage of winter backpacking you can get water anywhere and snowshoes keep you above the blowdown. This was in 1992.
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