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Originally Posted by Bunchberry View Post
Are we talking about downhill ski trails or backcountry ski trails?

They don't exist in NY yet but there are, for instance in VT, man-made BC ski trails that are glades i.e. they are not cleared of large trees but maintained to give enough space to ski around and in between the trees. If you ski at a place like Whiteface or Gore, which are state owned, they maintain ski trails that are glades and not vast clear cuts. I'm sure the state could glean some data from those in the future.

I think some older skiers get annoyed by this because it doesn't apply to them. They ski little-known natural glades and if any trimming goes on, no one really talks about it. And whatever, that's fine. I ski at places like this and I don't really talk about it. It's not a secret, but it's not exactly well known either.

The issue becomes either supporting or opposing these type of trails on Forest Preserve lands in NY. There are groups working to promote this (groups I support financially). But truth of the matter is I'm rather ignorant, and when I learn more, sometimes my stance may change. Other people that aren't really skiers, but who have right to public comment on these type of things when UMP changes come about - or maybe in this case even an amendment to the constitution to allow these type of trails to be legally marked and maintained. Some may say the current system of secrecy works fine, but the fact is backcountry skiing, either XC or DH is getting more pressure than ever. Our snowpack may limit our ambitions in the future, but I think these are the kind of things that are going to come to surface. At minimum, there are groups that support building of more XC-type trails and in higher difficulty but that also include large opening on steeper sections to allow turning.

At any rate, whether you ski or not, you probably should have some idea on the impact of these sort of things and whether or not they would be an appropriate addition if any of the proposals ever gain steam. I was previously of the mind that glading was not detrimental, but I have a little bit more conservative position on that now.
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