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electbc, nice to run into you again. Fond memories of our outing on Cedar River Flow. So Google found that thread for me here without registering. looks like a nice traditional wall tent that one could add in a stove.

For me, I think we are set. Opted for a 4 season double-wall tent with a Buddy heater with green 1 pounders that we only ran while awake. The first outing with this setup went well. 8F outside, no condensation, we could dress, stretch, eat and chat in comfort. You still knew it was 8F out but it really took the edge off. Super easy to start and stop. No where close to the ambiance a wood stove would provide but suited us fine.

It met our needs nicely - I think the Kodiak would have held the heat better but Lit'l Dipper likes the modern look of the double walled tent. Plans on getting some of her novice camper friends out. I can see getting the wife out in such a set up too.
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