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There used a to be forum that was a favorite of Canadian bush campers. On that forum, I learned that the reason for using a canvas tent is because the ability of canvas to breath at very low temps. Apparently, as it gets colder and colder, synthetic fabrics contract and the gaps that allow moisture to pass through get blocked, hence frost build up. This does not happen with cotton. The forum members lamented the loss of sources of 'Egyptian Cotton Canvas' which was supposed to be lightweight canvas.

Anyways, reading posts of the forum convinced me to build a low cost wall tent and wood stove for car camping or very short pulk hauls.

I used metal electrical conduit, some canvas, a recycled roof from a an 'Ezup shelter' and a blue tarp for a fly.

Homemade stove measures 9x9x25, 3" pipe sections fit in stove for transport

It is a bit of work to set this rig up, but once that stove fires up, the tent is getting warm. A lot of times, the tent door has to be cracked open to keep the temp down!

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