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Took wisdom from this question and skipped trying to insulated top of tent. If it works I'm thinking someone would have done it by now. Focused instead on insulating bottom of tent - 2 cargo blankets, wool blanket for floor and than our insulated Klymit mats under bags.

Did invest in large double wall 4 season tent. Will be useful for camping with wife or when my kids want to get newbies out in the woods.

Did invest in smaller Little Buddy heater. Rated for indoor use, used it only while awake to take edge off. Had top vents of tent open and outer fly does not come to ground - so vented bottom too. Worked well for us. Your mileage may vary and I am not suggesting this - breaks age old rule about exposed flame in tent.

Results were pretty much what I was looking for. Was 8f outside the tent but when needed the heater took the edge off the cold. Did not have thermometer but we were comfortable in tent. Also, set my stove up in larger vestibule of tent on frozen ground (actually froze to ground so was nailed down). So was able to open back door, put a kettle on and then zip up again. Check again to see if water was hot.

Zero condensation issues - left top vents open all night. Our sleep gear was rated well below zero so we were good even without heat.

Overall a success. I believe the Kodiak Canvas would have gone up quicker, retained heat better and offered more head room but it is way heavier and the kids are unlikely to use. I look forward to using this large dome again in winter or summer. Will work on getting a trip report up with photos.

I did miss the comfort of the hammock though.
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