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Tent cozee

So there was not a subforum for whacky ideas... maybe this fits here.

Happy hammock camper but in the winter months I would enjoy a space out of the weather slightly warmer than the ambient temperature. I know and appreciate that the DEC already resolved this by sprinkling the ADK's with lean-to's and fire rings.

But I started looking into 'hot tents' (thank you for feedback on other thread) and got excited about a better weather shield with an event greater edge against ambient tents. Could be our last trip in January where we climbed Porter in 12F and as we were coming back down the weather took a nose dive - wind up, temp down and snow sideways. We had the gear but in hammock camping the evening's agenda was "heat something, cram it in your mouth and retreat to warm hammock".

So on the hot tent trail I found out stoves are pricey, tipi type tents were less expensive and less weight but dark and smaller. Canvas more expensive, super heavy. Was zeroing in on Kodiak's flexbow line. Fantastic reviews. Ability to stand. Has a floor. Super heavy. Rather expensive but comfy. Canvas a better insulator than the man made double wall tent material. Great reviews of a Kodiak canvas with a Buddy propane heater [used only during waking hours, vented]. But that weight would restrict to car camping or maybe a pulk (50lbs).

Hiking partner works at a nice outdoor Retailer Experienced In outdoor activities so she enjoys a nice discount. They have a 6 man tent rated for 4 seasons. 20lbs so not back packing but that is ok - still love our hammocks for back country camping although 20lbs is more pulk-able than 50. Tent has top and bottom vents and two vestibules - could park the Buddy Heater in a vestibule for "cocktail hour" and "brunch" only. Could stand. Nicely sheltered. She gets experience with stuff she sells and adds to her collection of gear.

Here is the crazy part. It is a double walled typical dome tent. Will not hold heat as well as canvas. But if I were to rig something around the shoulders of the inner fly - leaving top mesh open for ventilation. I thought wool surplus blankets, a bit heavy. I thought insultex which weighs less and prevents the government from stealing your thoughts then I thought of simple fleece. Cheap, slight insulation, easy to find. Heck, I could even stitch together some canvas from drop clothes.

Note that this is not a replacement for a proper cold weather sleep system, just for taking the edge off a bit at breakfast and dinner. We enjoy cold weather back country camping - this is mostly for front country car camping where the focus is on a winter ascent and a bit of glamping night before and night after is appreciated.
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