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Single 33 year old hiker / backpacker / camper / wilderness guide (part-time) / editor and writer. I live in Albany, and like that fact that I'm within 4 hours of five major mountain ranges. I've been hiking in the Northeast since November of 1998, when I spent a harrowing windswept day and night tramping around Black Mountain on Lake George. Completed my ADK 46 in 2001, five peaks shy of the Catskill 35 and working on the Northeast 115 and US highpoints, but will change plans at the spur of the moment if a fun, new plan is suggested. I'm always looking for new people to hike or camp with and if you're a novice I'll be happy to take you anywhere from small parks around the Capital District to some great places that cannot be found on a trail. Drop me a line.

- Boneconsulting

PS - Bone is an old nickname and my wilderness guiding / writing service is Bone Consulting, hence the screen name. I'm not a doctor, palentologist, osteologist or fortune teller as many have asked in the past.

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