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Originally Posted by Bob K View Post
I swim in the Hudson in or near the gorge at least 2x yr. Never had a problem. I enjoy swimming in the Hudson multiple places S of there too, above Glens Falls. Also, no problem.
Thanks Bob, good to know.

Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Is the rash everywhere you got wet? Or is it contained?

If it's contained I bet you got into something thrashing around in the bush, if it's all over - I have no idea.

I'd doubt with the amount of flow in the Hudson any toxin would really hang around for long.
Itís pretty much all over my body. It was pretty warm out and I was sweating a lot, and it felt good to cool off in the river, and to splash the water all over my me. I definitely recognized the poison ivy patches nearby, and did my best to avoid them, but now I have a good rash here 2 days later. Iíve had poison ivy countless times throughout my life, havenít had it this bad since I was a little kid. Usually it lasts for only a few days or so, so hopefully Iíll be turning the corner back to normal within the next day or two. If not Iíll be sure to check with Doc.
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