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Bear season will also be open.

I wouldn't worry too much about hunting activity while you're on or near the river, as they'll mostly be up in the woods to the east of the river if they are hunting and the pressure will probably be a bit lighter than weekends come later in the hunting season. Mainly I meant that there will be groups camped that weekend with an eye towards hunting, or towards scouting in preparation for the upcoming regular rifle deer season. And there probably also will be permit hunting camps occupying at least a couple of the nicer campsites on the river.

Lows Lake will probably be somewhat busy, especially the sites closer to the outlet. You might try Grass Pond if you're willing to paddle all the way out there- my experience is that only a small fraction of the overnight use makes it from Lows proper into Grass Pond, and there's some nice campsites in there.

Long Pond will also likely be somewhat busy. If you're willing to portage, once you get 1 or 2 portages deep into the St. Regis Canoe area, I find that the overnight use especially tends to drop off significantly.

The lower Oswegatchie will likely be busy closer to the put in at Inlet. The first campsites you come to are decently large and obviously well-used. But the further up the Oswegatchie you go- and the more beaver dams you pull your boat over (there's a lot of them), the quieter the backcountry on the river gets. The one exception to this is any riverside campsites that are accessible via the Cranberry Lake 50 (the loop backpacking trail around Cranberry Lake). For many backpackers, the CL50 is an attractive long-weekend option, as some can do it in 3 days and many others can do it in 4 days (with the holiday necessitating only one vacation day necessary from work). Accordingly, I would expect to see some level of use of these campsites by backpackers over the course of the holiday weekend- including the lean-to and tent sites at High Falls.
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