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Mr Bass,
My business partner accompanied a group of scouts and dads on the very same route, on the very same weekend.
They had tee shirt weather for half of the trip down Long Lake, then their tail wind switched directions and the weather turned not so nice. Wind, whitecaps, then rain followed by 3 inches of snow overnight.

Prevailing winds usually blow down the lake, pushing you along...but not always.
Long Lake has plenty of motor boat activity, some of those boaters camp at the various lean to's along the route, but that late in the season there would likely not be that many motor boaters.

You didn't say if you're paddling solo or tandem or if you're in an efficient hull.
Based on too many unknowns (changeable weather, possible lack of campsites, lack of experience) I would recommend more intimate and more protected waters.

You would likely enjoy some time in the St Regis wilderness areas much more, or maybe some of the Whitney wilderness area (not Little Tupper). Clearly you are willing and able to carry, since your original intended route has a 1-1/2 mile carry.
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