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When the DEC (or other official law enforcement agency) places a search incident into the classification of "limited continuing operations", it encourages trained search teams in what they would otherwise do as routine training activities, to conduct such training in the region of the lost person incident. in the hopes that something previously overlooked might turn up.

Conducting an unofficial search operation by the untrained may in fact do more harm than good. During actual law enforcement agency led officially organized and monitored search indicents, care is taken with untrained civilian volunteers to carefully show them the rules and practices of effective search techniques, how and where to look, to not in any way contaminate a search area, to be properly equipped and clothed, what to do when any clues or evidence is found (if it is "relevant" or even if it is not). Everything and the area of search is carefully documented in standardized format. At the end of the day, officials who know what they are doing study what was accomplished so far and overnight put together the search plan and obtain resources for the next day's activities.

In the case of the deceased (no matter how old), it is always at least initially treated as a possible crime scene, until it is determined that it is not. I don't think the untrained masses want to get involved in that.
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