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Originally Posted by mgc View Post
Avoid contoured seats since they pull you to the middle.
So I've not had this issue in either my solo canoe or tandem, and I often paddle in the bow on the tandem.

I have quite a wide, nylon webbed, double contoured seat in my tandem bow. No issues being to one side or the other - it is a little tacky so you really don't slide down and I find the contour more comfortable. In the stern I actually have a rogue compound contour seat. That one is really nice as the front of the seat also radiuses down on the leading edge to keep pressure of the back of your thighs sitting or kneeling.

On my solo I sit or kneel in all sorts of different positions fore/aft and side-to-side. For me, the single contour is the best. It's not perfect for sitting, but it's better than a flat seat at a forward tilt. Personally a tractor seat is my favorite for sitting, but not for kneeling or sitting off-center.
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