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Off-season camping options after Labor Day at state campgrounds, etc?

Does anyone know the current standing on the topic of off-season camping after Labor Day at state campgrounds, etc?

(Also, does anyone know if there are any private campgrounds open after Labor Day?)

We have a truck camper and would like to know if it is allowed at any state campgrounds off season. (We do not need water or bathroom facilities as we have holding tanks and would carry our own water.)

(Fish Creek is no longer officially open into Nov and everything looks like it closes up by Oct., hence the question as to what the current options are as the original thread was 17 years old!!!!)

We are aware that the camping options would be primitive camping and self-contained - but being self contained and a semi low footprint, we like to hike - and hence, knowing where we could camp after Labor Day would be very helpful and allow us to camp "off season" and enjoy the many trails that exist across the great state of NY.

Also, would be interested in knowing of any off-season camping opportunities in other areas of NY (as well as southern/western VT and MA as well if anyone knows of such.)

And I guess the question actually might become - Where can one camp/park overnight legally in the ADKs if they are self-contained want to sleep and hike/snow shoe/X-C ski in the ADKs off-season into late Fall/Winter/early Spring?

Thank you!

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