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I have two similar to the link below. One is SS metal and a bit heavier than the one shown. Both have been used several times with a bike & lightweight canoes to access Boreas Ponds & Newcomb Lake. Also used on foot at Essex ponds & SRCA plus to reach Jorden river. Both hold 65 lbs Royalex canoe easily. The Canadian boat Walker style likely superior for weight capacity, stability & rough portages but heavier & bigger..

This style does fold up & with wheels removed even fit in a kayak storage compartment. Center on boat when pulling by hand, locate more toward rear when towing behind bike. Strap securely including to something fore & aft of wheel location to prevent movement. I use bungies to keep straps tight & for mount to bike ( pipe extended from rear bike rack). That flex helps smooth out the ride.

Minimize weight in canoe, especially if hills & rocks. When biking, load heavy stuff on bike itself. Keep checking alignment. You can go surprisingly fast with this setup, be careful of rocks & bumps.
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